Scott Kollman

Scott Kollman is an everyman’s singer and songwriter.
Self-taught - he’s never taken a voice lesson, doesn’t read music, hell, doesn’t
even really play an instrument. Yet he manages through sheer force of will,
natural vocal talent, fine ear for melody and heartbreakingly honest lyrics to
create lush, powerful songs that leave the listener changed. His voice cuts
through – sometimes like a trumpet, sometimes like an angel – on these thoroughly
original, vulnerably honest songs.

Kollman is not a singer/songwriter who takes easy ways out. While some artists prefer
to wade in the shallow end of what is vanilla and safe, Kollman writes about what
scares him. Whether it’s addiction (“Powerless”), emotional breakdown (“Fragile”),
unstable lovers (“Codependent”), or feeling forgotten (“Beg You”), Kollman does not shy from
the uncomfortable. Yet at the same time, his music can be loving and poignant. “Milestone” is
a song about his young son first learning to ride a bicycle. “Put Your Hurt Away” urges a lover
to recover from past pain and focus on the richness of the present. “

Whether working alone or collaborating with artists such as Tim Sonnenfeld (as Sonnifonic),
Lizanne Knott (“Indigo Blue”), or Kuf Knotz (“Tonight I Want to Cry”), Kollman’s soulful voice
and songwriting cuts through the din. His song, “You’re A Fool,” was a WXPN in Philadelphia
pick-of-the-day and was played regularly on the station for a year.

Although Kollman sounds thoroughly contemporary, hearing him puts the listener
in mind of Robert Plant, Roy Orbison, and the Delta Blues, with a dash
of ‘50s crooner thrown in for good measure. His vocals can go from
angelic to gritty at the drop of a dime. One track sounds like an outtake
of a Led Zeppelin/Jay-Z collaboration (“Tonight I Want to Cry”)
and the next incorporates blue grass tempo and stylings in a modern
pop idiom (“Put Your Hurt Away”).

Kollman’s music resides in many worlds, both emotionally and stylistically.
It covers a whole range of notes, none of them false. It’s a journey you will be glad you took.